Private Investigator & Security Guard Licensing

Our service should provide prospective partners, which covers the entire
- Vehicle fleet maintenance (including servicing)
- Security services
- Securing VIP personals
- Securing limousine with chauffeur and bodyguard
- Securing sheltered house or hotel service
- Providing hunting services to special guests
- Transfer and protection of money and values
- Private investigation

Guarding object and territory (with or without weapon; with qualified guard dogs, with patrol
pairs or standing guards)
Reception service (welcoming, briefing and monitoring guests, login and logout systems,
writing documents, monitoring vehicles and packages)
Reception of lorry loads (login and logout of motor-cars and lorries, monitoring loads, writing
Securing events (securing events held by the Client with professional guards (even in case of
events with thousands of people), treatment protocol of guests according to the newest security
Private investigation (Our company does private investigation to satisfy our Clients’ needs.
This means a discreet, fast and efficient environmental study, collection and protection of

Our company’s highly skilled agents are familiar with martial arts and use special technical devices to provide reliable protection with maximum secrecy to our clients
We offer our services in Hungary and all over the world.